1. YouTube star Emily Hartridge dead at 35  AOL
  2. YouTuber Emily Hartridge's Boyfriend Mourns Her in Teary Video Days After Fatal Scooter Crash  PEOPLE.com
  3. Electric scooters: a menace to motorists or a neat mobility solution?  Telegraph.co.uk
  4. Department For Transport Asks Stakeholders Today Whether U.K. Should Legalize E-Scooters  Forbes
  5. YouTube star Emily Hartridge dies after accident at age of 35  ABC News
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  1. Ousted UK ambassador leaked US intelligence  Washington Examiner
  2. The week Trump said jump – and Johnson asked 'How high?'  The Guardian
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  1. Erdogan says Turkey aims to produce S-400s jointly with Russia  Aljazeera.com
  2. The rift in the relationship between the U.S. and Turkey may be permanent  NBC News
  3. Erdogan Takes Putin Over NATO  The Wall Street Journal
  4. Turkey's Erdogan says Russian S-400s will be fully deployed by April 2020  Reuters
  5. Russia Will Be Sending More Weapons to NATO Member Turkey, Senior Lawmaker Vows as S-400 Missiles Arrive  Newsweek
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  1. Calls intensify for Puerto Rican governor's resignation following leaked private chats  CNN
  2. Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló rejects calls to resign over profane and derogatory group chat  CBS News
  3. Puerto Rico governor says he's not resigning after private chat scandal  NBC News
  4. Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló rejects calls to resign over profanity-laced chat  Fox News
  5. Puerto Rico governor rejects calls to resign over profane and derogatory group chat  CBS This Morning
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  1. Britain to put WWII codebreaker Alan Turing on 50-pound note  Fox News
  2. Alan Turing, World War II code-breaker castrated for being gay, is the face of Britain's £50 note  CNN
  3. New face of the Bank of England's £50 note is revealed as Alan Turing  BBC News
  4. £50 note: Who is Alan Turing? When is the new £50 out?  Express
  5. Codebreaker Alan Turing Will Be On Britain's New 50-Pound Currency | TIME  TIME
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  1. Italian police seize weapons, Nazi paraphernalia from three men  CNN
  2. Italy detains 3 in seizure of weapons, missile, Nazi plaques  NBC News
  3. Italy seizes air-to-air missile, guns in raids on neo-Nazis  Reuters
  4. Italian arrests linked to neo-fascists after stash of weapons uncovered  The Guardian
  5. Italy police detain 3 with guns, a missile and Nazi memorabilia in probe of far-right links to Ukraine war today  CBS News
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  1. Susan Rice condemns Chinese diplomat as 'racist disgrace'  CNN
  2. Susan Rice: Chinese diplomat a 'racist disgrace' | TheHill  The Hill
  3. A Chinese diplomat had a fight about race in D.C. with Susan Rice on Twitter. Then he deleted the tweets.  The Washington Post
  4. Former US Security Advisor Spars With Chinese Diplomat  TIME
  5. Ex-National Security Advisor Rice Calls Chinese Diplomat ‘Racist’ For Tirade  Forbes
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  1. El Salvador: Woman faces retrial in stillbirth case  BBC News
  2. El Salvador woman Evelyn Beatriz Hernández faces 2nd murder trial today in test of abortion laws after birthing baby into toilet  CBS News
  3. A young Salvadoran woman accused of abortion faces retrial, hefty sentence  NBC News
  4. El Salvador rape victim jailed for stillbirth goes on trial again  Aljazeera.com
  5. Raped Salvadorian woman, 21, enters a new trial after she judge tossed out 30-year abortion sentence  Daily Mail
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  1. Live updates: Immigration and the US-Mexico border  CNN
  2. Trump moves to eliminate nearly all asylum claims at U.S. southern border  Los Angeles Times
  3. Trump Moves to End Central American Migrants' U.S. Asylum Protections  Bloomberg Politics
  4. Trump’s new move on asylum is truly extreme  The Washington Post
  5. Trump's new asylum rule isn't a lasting solution but it's a move in the right direction  Washington Examiner
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  1. Ehud Barak: I Visited Epstein's Island But Never Met Any Girls  The Daily Beast
  2. Epstein scandal explodes in Israel as ties to former prime minister under scrutiny  Miami Herald
  3. Israeli politician says he'll cut financial ties to Jeffrey Epstein  New York Post
  4. Jeffrey Epstein: Former Israel Prime Minister Barak defends ties  Business Insider
  5. The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal Has Even Spread to Israel’s Election  New York Magazine
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  1. Puerto Rico governor apologizes for calling Melissa Mark-Viverito a 'whore'  New York Post
  2. Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello begs forgiveness for profane remarks leaked to press after FBI arrest of ex-colleagues  CBS News
  3. Puerto Rico corruption scandal ripples through Washington as White House, Congress call for greater spending scrutiny  The Washington Post
  4. Profanity-Laced Texts Ensnare Puerto Rico Governor in Furor  Bloomberg
  5. Puerto Rico gov apologizes for derogatory comment about female official in private chat  NBC News
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  1. Child suicide bomber kills at least 9, wounds more than a dozen at Afghanistan wedding  Fox News
  2. Afghanistan: Child suicide bomber kills five, injures 40 in wedding attack  CNN
  3. Suicide-bomb attack targets wedding party in eastern Afghanistan  Aljazeera.com
  4. Child suicide bomber kills five at Afghan wedding  New York Post
  5. Child suicide bomber, 13, kills five and injures 40 at wedding in Afghanistan  Daily Mail
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  1. Italy frees man wrongly extradited for people smuggling  BBC News
  2. Eritrean man released from jail in Italian mistaken identity case  The Guardian
  3. Eritrean man was mistaken for human-trafficking kingpin, rules Italian court  The Telegraph
  4. Man put on trial as alleged migrant smuggling kingpin is actually innocent refugee, court rules  The Independent
  5. Long road to freedom for farmworker accused of being notorious trafficker  The Guardian
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  1. Beijing to impose sanctions on U.S. firms involved in $2.2B Taiwan arms deal  POLITICO
  2. China to Sanction U.S. Companies for Arms Sales to Taiwan  The Wall Street Journal
  3. Taiwan President Risks Infuriating China With U.S. Visit  The New York Times
  4. Taiwan's opposition party will soon name a presidential candidate. China is watching  CNBC
  5. China warns the US not to 'play with fire' over a $2.2 billion sale of tanks and missiles to Taiwan  INSIDER
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  1. Manta ray rescued after seemingly approaching Australian snorkelers for help  NBC News
  2. Manta ray filmed seeking help from divers in remarkable underwater encounter  CNN
  3. Diver removes fish hooks from giant manta ray  For The Win
  4. Extraordinary footage shows manta ray appealing to diver for help  The Telegraph
  5. Amazing moment manta ray known as Freckles approaches snorkellers for help removing a fish hook from her eye  The Sun
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  1. Brazilian president considering his Trump-supporting son to be U.S. ambassador  Fox News
  2. Brazil's President Bolsonaro offers US ambassador job to son  BBC News
  3. Brazil's Bolsonaro offers his son US ambassador post  Al Jazeera English
  4. Brazil's Bolsonaro offers his son the post of ambassador in Washington  Reuters
  5. Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro to appoint son as ambassador to US  The Guardian
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  1. Trump says he wishes former British ambassador Darroch well  AOL
  2. Trump changes tune on ex-British ambassador: 'We wish him well' | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Trump backtracks on Kim Darroch after ambassador Terminator comparison  Business Insider
  4. Trump says he wishes British ambassador well  Reuters
  5. Boris Johnson Failed to Defend Britain’s Ambassador — and British Sovereignty  National Review
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  1. Authorities discover nearly $4 million in an abandoned boat in Puerto Rico  CNN
  2. $3.7 million seized by border patrol after it’s found in abandoned boat near Puerto Rico  Miami Herald
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  1. Trump Invites Business Leaders (Including Robert Kraft) to Meet With Qatari Emir  The New York Times
  2. Patriots Owner Is Trump Dinner Guest Despite Prostitution Charge  Bloomberg
  3. Robert Kraft joins President Trump for dinner in D.C.  The Boston Globe
  4. Kim Darroch disinvited to Treasury Department dinner after leaked Trump remarks  Washington Times
  5. Trump news - live: President has dinner with man charged over sex crimes amid 'horrific' prostitution case against former friend Jeffrey Epstein  The Independent
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  1. South African 'Spaceboy' set to be first black African in space dies in crash  CNN
  2. First black African headed for space dies in motorcycle accident  ABC News
  3. Mandla Maseko death: Man set to be first black African in space dies in motorbike crash  The Independent
  4. South African man set to become first black African in space dies in motorcycle crash  New York Daily News
  5. South African aiming to be 1st black African in space dies  ABC News
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Taiwan Set to Receive $2 Billion in U.S. Arms, Drawing Ire From China  The New York Times

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The United States has tentatively approved the sale of $2 billion in military hardware to Taiwan, demonstrating support for its unofficial ally in ...

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Exclusive: China's PLA signals it will keep Hong Kong-based troops in barracks  Reuters

HONG KONG/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Chinese military commander responsible for Hong Kong has assured a Pentagon official that Chinese troops will ...

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  1. Instagram now asks bullies: 'Are you sure?'  BBC News
  2. Instagram's anti-bullying feature warns users if they're about to post a mean comment  NBC News
  3. Instagram will start sending you a warning if you leave a mean comment  CNBC
  4. Instagram Introduces New Anti-Bullying Features  Wall Street Journal
  5. Inside Instagram's War on Bullying  TIME
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  1. Ilhan Omar admits she may have flubbed facts in dramatic story she told high school students  Fox News
  2. Ilhan Omar confessed to embellishing a story she told to 400 high school students  Washington Examiner
  3. Washington Post profile on Ilhan Omar demonstrates the perks of social justice victimhood  Washington Examiner
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American scientist Suzanne Eaton's body reportedly found in Greece on island of Crete - Live updates  CBS News

Authorities on the Greek island of Crete have reportedly found the body of an American scientist who disappeared last week while attending a conference on the ...

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  1. Hong Kong leader says China extradition bill is ‘dead’ but declines to withdraw it  The Washington Post
  2. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam: Extradition bill 'is dead'  CNBC
  3. Post-it notes spread protest message on Hong Kong’s Lennon Walls  Quartz
  4. Hong Kong’s new political lexicon  Los Angeles Times
  5. Breakingviews - Hong Kong chief's humiliating retreat comes late  Reuters
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  1. Russia readies S-400 missiles for Turkey amid warnings of U.S. sanctions on NATO ally  The Washington Post
  2. Russia Preps S-400 Missiles For NATO Ally Turkey Amid US Sanctions Threat  NDTV News
  3. Turkey Sends 5-Year Economic Plan to Erdogan for Approval  Bloomberg
  4. Erdogan FURY at US refusal to deliver F-35s – ‘It’s a robbery!’  Express.co.uk
  5. Turkey's S-400s to be loaded on planes Sunday in Russia - Haberturk  Reuters UK
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  1. Restoring Forests Could Help Put a Brake on Global Warming, Study Finds  The New York Times
  2. The Guardian view on the climate emergency: forests can help to save us  The Guardian
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  1. Biden claims Russian election interference wouldn't have happened on his and Obama's watch, but it did  Washington Examiner
  2. Van Jones: Biden is clawing his way back  CNN
  3. Biden mocked for suggesting Russia wouldn't interfere in elections 'on my watch'  Fox News
  4. Biden: This is what I'm looking for in a running mate  CNN
  5. Biden wants to raise the corporate tax rate back to Obama era  New York Post
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  1. Two Years Into Trump’s Presidency, Obama Remains a Top Target for Criticism  The New York Times
  2. Fact check: Trump says he's a 'very honest guy' while making multiple false claims  CNN
  3. 'A lot of people are going to be joining': Trump says July Fourth event boosts military recruiting  NBC News
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  1. Trump says immigration raids coming 'fairly soon'  Reuters
  2. Trump says detention facilities 'beautifully run' after report describes dangerous conditions  USA TODAY
  3. Grandstanding at the Border  Wall Street Journal
  4. Tom Homan: Border Patrol will do its job as Dems lob smears and shirk doing theirs  Fox News
  5. Offensive Posts by Border Patrol Agents  The New York Times
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  1. Mexico and US trying to tweak USMCA rules about settling disputes  Washington Examiner
  2. Hopes dim for passage of Trump trade deal | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Mexico and U.S. try new trade fix to win over Democrats: official  Reuters
  4. Trump’s NAFTA replacement needs to have its tires kicked  Los Angeles Times
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South China Sea: Battle of Saipan offers lessons for US and China  CNN

In early July 1944, on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, the United States clinched a devastating defeat over Japan in one of the bloodiest battles of World War II.

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  1. The UK's next Prime Minister will be chosen by 0.2% of the nation  CNN International
  2. Boris Johnson at Darlington hustings | highlights  The Sun
  3. Boris Johnson says he’s prepared for a no-deal Brexit. Critics say he’s reckless.  The Washington Post
  4. No Boris, the problem isn’t ‘a lack of believing in ourselves’, it’s a lack of believing you  The Independent
  5. A post-Brexit election is looking like Boris Johnson’s best bet  The Guardian
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Eva Kor, survivor of Mengele, dies during annual trip to Auschwitz  The Guardian

Forgiveness advocate who dedicated her life to Holocaust awareness testified in 2015 trial of SS officer Oskar Groening. Agence France-Presse. Fri 5 Jul 2019 ...

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Crossing Divides: Can Taliban and Afghan leaders share peace?  BBC News

A year ago, during an unprecedented ceasefire, Afghan forces and the Taliban put down their weapons to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid. As talks over the ...

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  1. Violent protests erupt in Israel over police shooting of Ethiopian teen  Vox.com
  2. Israelis of Ethiopian descent protest over police shooting  Reuters
  3. Cries of ‘Black Lives Matter’ in Israel after officer fatally shoots unarmed young man of Ethiopian origin  Los Angeles Times
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  1. Graham: 'I will not invest a dime' in Mideast peace plan that results in one state | TheHill  The Hill
  2. Klobuchar says she won't reverse Trump's Jerusalem embassy move | TheHill  The Hill
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  1. Several suspected U.S. spies 'due to be' sentenced to death, Iran says  NBC News
  2. Netanyahu says Trump knew in advance of Israel's Iran archive mission  Reuters
  3. Iran nuclear deal: Tehran exceeds enriched uranium limit  Al Jazeera English
  4. Trump’s chaotic Iran non-strategy projects weakness  The Washington Post
  5. Trump won't accept these harsh realities on Iran  Business Insider
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  1. Why is Japan killing whales? | Whaling  Al Jazeera America
  2. Why is Japan killing whales? | Inside Story  Al Jazeera English
  3. Trump Goes to Japan, and Japan to Him  Wall Street Journal
  4. Japanese commercial whaling ship returns from Minke whale hunt  Daily Mail
  5. Japanese whalers bring home 1st commercial catch in 31 years  WTOP
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  1. Who Did the E.U.’s Leaders Choose for Its Top Jobs?  The New York Times
  2. Germany's Ursula von der Leyen nominated to lead EU Commission  BBC News
  3. EU picks women for top jobs after marathon negotiations  CNN International
  4. EU Leaders Nominate Lagarde for ECB President: Summit Update  Bloomberg
  5. European leaders back German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen to be first female European Commission president  The Washington Post
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Trump Facebook ads use models to portray actual supporters  NBC News

Facebook ads for President Donald Trump's re-election campaign are using models in stock video footage dubbed with voice overs, including some footage ...

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  1. Total solar eclipse sweeps across South America  CBS News
  2. Solar Eclipse set to cut a path across South America, plunging parts of the continent into darkness  Fox News
  3. Solar eclipse 2019 time: What time is the total eclipse of the Sun in YOUR area today?  Express.co.uk
  4. How to Survive This Month's Chaotic Eclipses That Will Shake Up Everything  VICE
  5. Day turns to night over Chile and Argentina as millions look to skies to witness total solar eclipse  Daily Mail
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  1. Another Dubai Princess Defects. Anguished Poetry Ensues.  The New York Times
  2. Princess Haya: Dubai ruler's wife in UK 'in fear of her life'  BBC News
  3. Ruler of Dubai splits with wife - but how will Queen avoid being dragged in?  Daily Mail
  4. Princess Haya launches UK asylum bid after fleeing Dubai ‘concerned for her safety’  Express.co.uk
  5. Dubai ruler takes wife to London's High Court in unprecedented custody battle for their two children  Daily Mail
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