1. This One Habit Could Reverse Your Sleep Problems In Just One Week  mindbodygreen.com
  2. Harmful Effects of Screens on Sleep Are "Easily Reversed" in New Experiment  Inverse
  3. Scientists Find a Way to Reverse Teen Sleep Problems Linked to Smartphones and Tablet Blue Light  Newsweek
  4. Wearing glasses to knock out blue light before bed can stop sleep disruption  Telegraph.co.uk
  5. Limiting screen use for one week may improve teenagers' sleep – study  The Guardian
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6 confirmed cases of measles in Western Washington; 6 more cases pending  KOMO News

There are six confirmed measles cases now in Western Washington and that is alarming to people who live, work, and go to school in several counties in ...

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  1. Coventry Local Schools closed Monday due to ‘Trickbot’ computer virus  WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland
  2. Coventry Local School District closed Monday due to "Trickbot" virus infecting school computers  News 5 Cleveland
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  1. Measles outbreak declared by Montreal Public Health Department  Montreal Gazette
  2. 2 new cases of measles in Montreal has public health scrambling to contain spread  CBC News
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A New Diet Study Confirms Your Worst Suspicions About Ultra-Processed Foods  Gizmodo

A U.S. government-led trial may confirm the worst fears of anyone whose diet starts and ends in the frozen food aisle. It suggests that people who mostly eat ...

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  1. Fast walkers could live 15 years longer than dawdlers, study claims  Daily Mail
  2. Faster walkers live longer, regardless of weight  Treehugger
  3. Walk Fast? Good News—You're More Likely to Live Longer  Newsweek
  4. Love walking fast? Speed can determine how long you will live  Economic Times
  5. Mayo Clinic Minute: Discover the health benefits of farro  Mayo Clinic
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  1. Trans Individual Gets New Vagina. It's Made Using Fish.  The Daily Wire
  2. Transgender woman gets new vagina made from fish skin  New York Post
  3. Trans woman given world's first vagina made from tilapia fish skin  Daily Mail
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  1. UW creates first smartphone app to detect ear infections in kids  KOMO News
  2. Parents may be able to spot ear infections with a paper cone and an app  Engadget
  3. DIY Diagnosis For Ear Infections: There Soon May Be An App For That : Shots - Health News  NPR
  4. Does my baby have an ear infection?  TODAY
  5. Scientists create first smartphone app that can 'hear' ear infections in children  Telegraph.co.uk
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  1. Genetic self-experimenting “biohacker” under investigation by health officials  Ars Technica
  2. Renowned Biohacker Is Being Investigated for Practicing Medicine Without a License  Gizmodo
  3. Dude Who Gene-Hacked Himself With CRISPR Is Under Investigation  Futurism
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What to Look for on the Toothpaste Label  Lifehacker

Fancy toothpastes may come in different colors and boast unusual ingredients, but they probably don't offer better dental health than the average drugstore ...

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Dog disease that can be passed to humans confirmed in Iowa  NBC News

Several cases of canine brucellosis have been confirmed at a commercial breeding facility for small dogs in Marion County.

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Low-dose aspirin linked to bleeding in the skull, new report says  CNN

Taking low-dose aspirin to prevent heart disease and stroke is associated with an increased risk of bleeding in the skull in people without a history of those ...

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High-fat diets like keto are nearly impossible to maintain, research suggests — but there’s an easier way to eat well  Business Insider

The keto isn't easy: Dieters cut carbohydrates and consume mostly fat. A habit expert says there are easier ways to lose weight and eat well.

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Common food additive E171 found to affect gut microbiota  Medical Xpress

University of Sydney research provides new evidence that nanoparticles, which are present in many food items, may have a substantial and harmful influence on ...

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West Nile virus found in Tulsa mosquito trap  KTUL

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Mosquitos are nobody's best friend. Itchy bites aside, they are considered the deadliest animal on earth, killing close to a million people ...

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More than 700 cases of mumps in the US this year, CDC says  CNN

There have been 736 cases of mumps reported in the United States this year as of April 26, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Pioneering gene therapy could repair deadly heart attack damage  Daily Mail

Researchers at King's College London injected pigs with a gene which restarted the growth of specialised heart cells called cardiomyocytes, the majority of ...

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Norwegian woman dies from rabies after Philippines puppy bite  BBC News

Birgitte Kallestad is thought to been infected by a stray puppy while on holiday in the Philippines.

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  1. Oregon House OKs tough vaccine rules over vocal opposition  KGW.com
  2. Oregon House passes bill to eliminate religious, philosophical vaccine exemptions | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Amid Measles Outbreaks, States Consider Revoking Religious Vaccine Exemptions  NPR
  4. Vaccination-boosting bill passes Oregon House  OregonLive
  5. Oregon House votes 35-25 to end nonmedical exemptions to vaccination  KVAL
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Heart failure deaths on the rise in younger US adults, researchers say  CNN

Heart failure death rates in the United States declined significantly from 1999 through 2012 but then alarmingly increased through 2017, a new paper finds.

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  1. Sunscreen in Your Bloodstream, Google’s Conference, and More News  WIRED
  2. Sunscreen enters bloodstream after just one day of use, study says  CNN
  3. Study shows chemicals found in sunscreen can enter human bloodstream  FOX 10 News Phoenix
  4. Potentially dangerous chemicals in sunscreen seep through the skin and into your bloodstream  The Sun
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  1. Possible measles exposure at 3 more Pa. locations, including National Aviary, Squirrel Hill  Tribune-Review
  2. Allegheny County Health Dept. Warns Of Additional Locations For Potential Measles Exposures  CBS Pittsburgh
  3. Allegheny Health officials report family with measles passed through five public places  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  4. MEASLES: Health Department announces potential exposures at 3 locations in Allegheny County  WTAE Pittsburgh
  5. Traveler with measles hit most of Seattle's hot tourist spots  KUOW News and Information
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Canadian man with measles visits Space Needle, other Seattle sights  OregonLive

Officials say this case isn't connected to a recently ended outbreak in Clark County.

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Mom shares heartbreaking final photo of 'healthy' daughter as warning  New York Post

A grieving mother has shared the last family photo that includes her seemingly healthy baby taken just hours before the infant died from an undetected...

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F.D.A. Approves the First Vaccine for Dengue Fever, but Limits Its Use  The New York Times

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first vaccine for dengue, Dengvaxia, but placed significant restrictions on its use because the vaccine has ...

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Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why linked to a spike in the youth suicide rate  Vox.com

A new study finds an association between the show and a nearly 30% climb in the youth suicide rate. Experts say that link is complicated, though.

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Oral and genital herpes are 'having sex' and creating new viruses  Daily Mail

Oral and genital herpes were thought to split off into two separate viruses six million years ago, but a new Washington University study found their DNA is mixing ...

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HIV treatment signals possible end to AIDS pandemic  NOLA.com

The study published in the Lancet medical journal looked at transmission rates from 1000 male couples in Europe.

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  1. Crisis and suicide prevention services struggle with demand after celebrity suicides  National Institutes of Health
  2. US has seen 33% increase in suicides since 1999  USA TODAY
  3. Suicide prevention hotlines receive a 200% increase in calls after celebrity suicides  Daily Mail
  4. Teen suicides hit 19-year high after debut of Netflix drama, study finds  WQAD Moline
  5. Suicide increase after '13 Reasons Why' demands media follow prevention best practices  USA TODAY
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  1. Guidelines proposed for newly defined Alzheimer's-like brain disorder  National Institutes of Health
  2. Doctors newly define another type of dementia, sometimes mistaken for Alzheimer's  CNN
  3. When is Alzheimer's not Alzheimer's? Researchers characterize a different form of dementia  Medical Xpress
  4. It's time to take a new tack for treating Alzheimer's  STAT
  5. New form of dementia discovered | News  The Times
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'Vampire facial' at New Mexico spa tied to 2 HIV cases, health officials say  CNN

New Mexico health officials are now investigating two cases of HIV among clients who received injection-related procedures, such as "vampire facials," at an ...

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  1. 5 healthy eating tips to help you lose weight  BikeRadar.com
  2. Weight loss: How to burn belly fat - 5 things to consider in order to lose fat efficiently  Express
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  1. Sexually transmitted disease cases increase in Minnesota  Star Tribune
  2. Sexually transmitted disease numbers increase in Minnesota  Duluth News Tribune
  3. MDH: Number Of STD Cases Continues To Rise In Minnesota  WCCO | CBS Minnesota
  4. As syphilis invades rural America, a fraying health safety net is failing to stop it  Chicago Tribune
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Measles History 101: How Serious Is This Year's Measles Outbreak? : Shots - Health News  NPR

Vaccination eliminated measles from the U.S. nearly 20 years ago. But with this year's record-setting outbreaks, are we close to measles to making a sustained ...

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Oregon House to vote on controversial vaccine bill  KATU

The Oregon House is set to vote on tougher rules for childhood vaccinations, after a key panel approved the measure Friday over the opposition of hundreds of ...

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Measles quarantine on campus: Controversial but effective  CNN

Los Angeles health officials are using quarantines to keep a measles exposure from becoming a full-fledged outbreak. It's a tool we might see more of, say ...

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East Boston elementary school student tests positive for mumps  Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

A third-grader at an East Boston elementary school has tested positive for the mumps, school officials say. Otis Elementary School informed parents via ...

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This Adorable Therapy Dog Isn’t A Pooch At All  CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — You've heard all about therapy dogs , but what about a therapy dog who isn't canine at all? Welcome to the world of robo-dogs.

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'It could be any day now': Why how you die matters  CNN

Nottingham, United Kingdom (CNN) It's approaching 1 a.m. in Bilborough, a suburb of the British city of Nottingham. Peter Naylor, 70, is slumped in his bed, only ...

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  1. Untreatable Form of Lyme Disease Could Hit Two Million Americans by 2020, Scientists Warn  Newsweek
  2. Three-antibiotic cocktail clears 'persister' Lyme bacteria in mouse study  Medical Xpress
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  1. Pakistan Arrests Man for Spreading Polio Vaccine Myth That Sent 25K Children to Hospital  Breitbart
  2. 25,000 children in Pakistan rushed to hospital after spread of false polio vaccine rumours  The Telegraph
  3. Police officer on his way for polio duty gunned down in Bannu  DAWN.com
  4. Students Fall Sick After Being Administered Polio Drops In Pakistan  NDTV News
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  1. The first FDA-approved device to treat ADHD, explained  CNET
  2. FDA approves first medical device to treat ADHD  CBS News
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  1. Measles’ next target in Los Angeles: Unvaccinated college students  Los Angeles Times
  2. Measles now reported in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee; 'likely' to spread to Alabama  AL.com
  3. Disinformation is the new barrier to measles vaccines, and it's deadly: Rosalynn Carter  USA TODAY
  4. Los Angeles measles 'cluster' reported, officials say LAX and UCLA possible exposure sites  Boing Boing
  5. Measles Outbreak Declared in Los Angeles County  The New York Times
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Pollen count at medium levels, but will change as weather dries up  KOMO News

The Northwest Asthma and Allergy Center is now reporting trees at a medium level on the pollen count. This is likely to due to some recent moisture and the fact ...

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  1. E-Cigarettes May Be Contaminated With Microbial Toxins, Study Finds  Gizmodo
  2. Popular e-cigarette products contaminated with bacterial and fungal toxins, study finds  NBC News
  3. Microbial contaminants found in popular e-cigarettes  Medical Xpress
  4. Vape WARNING: Researchers discover worrying e-cigarette side effect - ‘Serious concerns'  Express.co.uk
  5. Toxins linked with lung disease found in E-cigarettes  Mirror Online
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  1. Malawi Starts First Immunization Drive With Malaria Vaccine  TIME
  2. World's first malaria vaccine to go to 360,000 African children  CNN
  3. The First Malaria Vaccine Rolls Out In Pilot Project; Saving Kids Is A Focus : Goats and Soda  NPR
  4. Malawi starts 'landmark' pilot of first ever child malaria vaccine | ITV News  ITV News
  5. Malawi becomes 1st nation to immunize kids against malaria  The Associated Press
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  1. CDC: Study shows South Carolina ranked third highest in the country for STD's  FOX Carolina
  2. CDC report: STD rates on rise in South Carolina  ABC NEWS 4
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FDA: Blood pressure meds recall expanded  MassLive.com

Expanded recall of lorsartan tablets due to impurity with cancer risk.

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  1. Mental health apps are sharing data without proper disclosure  Engadget
  2. That mental health app might share your data without telling you  The Verge
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  1. The profoundly deaf girl who found her voice after brain surgery  BBC News
  2. Pioneering brain surgery that allows deaf children to hear to be funded across the NHS  Telegraph.co.uk
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